Thursday, November 22, 2007

Going Camel

Okay, the theme for this week is camels. . .
Another one of those random things I've stumbled upon while looking for something totally unrelated. . .

This is George Steinmetz's website. I originally started looking at the image on his homepage. Look closely - the camels aren't the black shapes. The camels are the little white lines - the black shapes are merely shadows.

According to his biography,

"Best known for his exploration and science photography, George Steinmetz sets out to reveal the few remaining secrets in our world today: remote deserts, obscure cultures, new developments in science and technology.

A regular contributor to National Geographic Magazine, he has examined subjects ranging from global oil exploration and the latest advances in robotics to the inner-most stretches of the Sahara Desert and the little-known treehouse people of Irian Jaya."

Looks like some pretty neat stuff.

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